Apple & Eve's
Sustainability Story

Respecting nature, keeping it simple, and bringing goodness to the table since 1975.

From the start, we've been a family company. We've stayed true to our roots by pouring wholesome values into our juice, introducing a 100% organic product before organic was a household term. Now we're continuing this legacy of goodness by working with Tetra Pak®, becoming stewards of the forests bearing the fruits that go into every Apple & Eve juice box.

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Choosing the right materials

What Does FSC® Certification Mean?

100% of the paperboard used in Tetra Pak® cartons of Apple & Eve Juice comes from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified forests and other controlled sources. An FSC-certified forest means that forest management helps look after the environment, animals, plants, and even the local people that live in, and around, forests. In FSC-certified forests, the wildlife and communities can prosper and trees are continually regenerated, locking in carbon as they grow.

How We Protect the Environment


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Forest Friendly

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Climate Smart

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  • How Are Cartons Recycled?

    After emptying your carton of Apple & Eve juice and placing it in the recycling bin, it’ll be taken with other recyclables to a materials recovery facility (MRF). There, cartons will follow one of two paths to be recycled. From the MRF, some cartons go to a papermill, where they are broken down using a machine called a hydrapulper. Once separated in the machine, the pulp can be used in products like tissue and toweling or printing and writing paper, while the aluminum and plastic can be sent on and recycled into new products. In the second recycling path, cartons are sent to a facility where the entire carton is shredded into small pieces and then pressed together to create green building materials!

  • How to Recycle Bottles and Juice Boxes?

    You can take matters into your own hands by recycling the Apple & Eve products you enjoy. Before you recycle an Apple & Eve bottle or juice box, screw the cap back onto the bottle and push the straw back into the box to help reduce litter.


All packages can be recycled in the same way.


All packages use different materials and must be recycled accordingly.


You must separately dispose of the caps and straws included with Apple & Eve packaging.


When recycling, attach the cap to the bottle and push the straw into the juice box. This helps ensure they are collected together and don’t end up as litter.


Why Should You Care?

Compared to 2009, when only 24 states and 20 million households had access to carton recycling, there’s been a 350% increase in access. Today, 49 states, 73.2 million households, and 10,836 schools have carton recycling access. Recycling is just one piece of the puzzle in a more sustainable future, but allowing every family to participate is critical to making a global impact.

The Future of Apple & Eve Sustainability

Where We Are Now



We’re committed to a low carbon circular economy. Our immediate focus is using renewable materials to reduce carbon footprint, minimizing the environmental impact of products and services across the entire value chain.

Renewable Materials & Optimized Design

Tetra Pak® cartons are comprised mainly of renewable materials. Using the lowest amount of materials for functional protective packaging, we keep products lightweight and reduce the amount of fossil fuel needed for transportation.

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Looking at the big picture

We’ve enjoyed watching a generation raised on 100% Apple & Eve Juice bring up their children with the same wholesome juice they enjoyed. We strive to continue this legacy as environmental stewards, protecting the Earth and its forests for generations to come. Because everyone deserves to enjoy the pure, simple taste of Apple & Eve Juice.