Introducing Fruitables PLUS.

A delicious, healthy way for students to get real fruits and veggies!!

Counts as ½ cup of Reimbursable vegetable according to USDA Final Rule


FRUITABLES PLUS has the great taste of Apple & Eve 100% Fruit Juices PLUS real vegetables, which allows you to reimburse FRUITABLES PLUS 4.23oz as a ½ cup of vegetables at breakfast or lunch – Tropical Twist and Power Punch meet the “other/additional” vegetable category and Gold Rush meets the “red/orange” category! FRUITABLES PLUS Tropical Punch and Power Punch is also available in a 6.75oz size, which reimburses as ¾ cup of vegetable, making it the perfect after school snack!!

Available in four delicious flavors, Tropical Twist, Power Punch, Gold Rush and Brilliant Burst… Now your students will drink their veggies NOT trash them!!