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Going the extra mile

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What is Organic?

We're committed to going the extra mile for families everywhere. That's why Apple & Eve has been committed to the rigorous USDA Organic Certification process, way before “organic” was a household name.

Let's talk about Organic

Organic is more than a word—it's about helping people and the environment. Organic farmers work alongside nature to nurture the soil, crops and pastures, instead of using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Organic farming methods help protect our natural resources, animals and communities by reducing pollution from chemical and pesticide runoff.

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Benefits of Organic

Let's make it simple.
If it's labeled Organic,
farmers did not use:

  • Synthetic pesticides
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Instead, farmers use a variety of organic methods to help the soil thrive, such as composting, crop rotation and organic fertilizers. Respecting nature and keeping it simple is in our DNA. Organic farms help:

  • Build healthy soil
  • Limit the use of pesticides and synthetic substances (fertilizers)
  • Protect natural resources

By purchasing Apple & Eve Organics, you're helping to support the effects of organic farming.

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USDA Organic Certification

Bringing quality juices to your family is our #1 goal and we ensure we partner with the right folks to do so.

The USDA Organic seal—featured on every Apple & Eve Organics product—is the only federally regulated organic label you will find in stores today. It ensures farmers and manufacturers have met strict standards for growing, processing and handling their delicious fruits and vegetables. We're committed to organic and so are the farmers!

Visit the USDA website here.
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Organic FAQs

How do I know Apple & Eve Juice is Organic?

First, look at the label! If it has the USDA Organic seal, the product is certified organic and has 95% or more organic content.

How do your products get certified as Organic?

We work closely with Quality Assurance International, a U.S.-based company that is accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to carry out organic certification. Quality Assurance International ensures that the suppliers we work with are certified organic operators.

What Organic juices and drinks does Apple & Eve have?

We have delicious flavors your whole family will enjoy! Visit our Apple & Eve Organics page to see them all.

Where can I buy your Organic juice?

Visit our Where to Buy page to find a store near you!