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Looking for a delicious way to get your kids to drink more water? Waterfruits makes it easy with a great-tasting water beverage kids love! Made with a unique combination of water, real fruit juice and coconut water, Waterfruits delivers natural hydration kids need and a healthy refreshment option moms want for them with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Available in three refreshing flavors, the hardest choice will be which one your kids will want to drink next.

Now available in select stores and coming soon to many others.

A&P Kennie’s Market Spartan Foods
ACME Key Food Stores Stop & Shop
BJ’s Krasdale USA Stores
D’Agostino Mars VG’s
D&W Marc’s Walmart (select stores)
Family Fare Market Basket Weis Markets
Food Town Meijer White Rose
Gerrity’s Market Pathmark
Giant Stores Publix
Glen’s Market Sam’s Puerto Rico
HEB ShopRite